NOIR LARMES has independently created the highest quality tannin type tanning called ARTHUR throughout the 15 years of collaboration with ONLY FRANK tannery in Italy. 

ARTHUR leather is a vegetable tannin type based product that is formed with only FULL GRAIN hides including raw materials such as: tannin, mimosa, quebracho and etc. ARTHUR is the finest form of lambskin with enhanced touch of texture and luster compared to general vegetable lamb skin products that have the natural characteristics of leather. 

The procedure is very fastidious and rigid, we would add wax and oil to the crust, followed by an additional 2-day drum process in natural oak barrels.

During this procedure, the oil and wax from the skin naturally permeates into the leather, and a finishing touch is added making it hard and solid with 2 to 3 times of repeated high temperature roll machine ironing.

In every step and procedure we take during the process, because it requires such special attention to maintain its unique characteristics and naturalness at the same time, we intake long and qualitative time in each inspection, and is finished with an AIR DRY MACHINE which is different from the DRY MACHINE process which is a general method of drying  vegetable leather products in a short period of time.

Outshell : Italy ARTHUR Lambskin
The highest quality article of ARTHUR lambskin in cooperation with Only Frank, Italy (ARTHUR lambskin is the best segment article tanned by vegetarian tannin, which provides the best texture. It is leather that is moist and better with aging.)

Lining : Bemberg 50%, Polyester 50%

We have used natural fabric made from fluff with a-year old cotton seeds to make the best quality inseam, which maintains the best humidity by absorbing sweat and letting out moisture.

Italy two-way Super Lampo Zipper
Noir Larmes has used Super Lampo two-way no.8 in order to improve the sliding problems with normal Lampo zippers.

Super Lampo has a different kind of zipper teeth and additional polishing to the slider so that it provides smooth sliding and sturdy quality for a long time.

(They are transparently coated to prevent rusting in case of friction between the leather and the zipper.)

Core Yarn

using core yarn, 16/3

In case of cleaning, please contact a professional leather cleaner. 

(When storing, avoid direct sunlight and humid space.)

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