NAPPA REFINSH leather, which is commonly used for shearling(mouton) leather the surface is treated with suede, followed by SPRUZZO treatment, and is equally finished with a special process machine in just simple two-steps. 

On the other hand, SEMI MICROCRACK process used in NOIRLARMES would be finished with 4 more steps to the following procedure (total of 6 steps). 

After the suede treatment, the product goes through base SPRUZZO processed with a lighter color of 1-2 degrees from the standard color, and after a fixation step at a certain temperature, it would go in through an additional SPRUZZO with standard color one more time. 

Afterwards, through the special vacuum drum VUOTO LAVATRICE process, the spruzzo-treated pigments on the surface are intentionally evaporated in a vacuum state according to the shape of the product. 

Lastly, on the 6th procedure, dust or such substances generated throughout the procedure of evaporation are removed from the surface, and a binding operation is performed to maintain the touch and water repellency of the surface which would be the final touch of the article. 

In summary, it is an article in which by adding the 4 additional steps of process, expression of the rough texture on the soft NAPPA leather increased and is a much more three-dimensional and compact compared to general NAPPA type leathers. 

It is much more luxurious and expensive processing method as a total of 6 steps are involved, and NOIR LARMES is presenting a SEMI-MICROCRACK article in collaboration with PISTOLESI. 

*SPRUZZO: Special dyeing technique dyeing in a vacuum state

*VUOTO LAVATRICE: Special vacuum drum used in PISTOLESI

Outshell : Italy Merinos Shearling Lambskin 100% (DoubleFace)
Lining : Italy Merinos Shearling Lambskin 100% (DoubleFace)

Italy two-way Super Lampo Zipper
Noir Larmes has used Super Lampo two-way no.8 in order to improve the sliding problems with normal Lampo zippers.

Super Lampo has a different kind of zipper teeth and additional polishing to the slider so that it provides smooth sliding and sturdy quality for a long time.

(They are transparently coated to prevent rusting in case of friction between the leather and the zipper.)

Core Yarn

using core yarn, 16/3

Linking Sewing

In case of cleaning, please contact a professional leather cleaner.
(When storing, avoid direct sunlight and humid space.)

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Flagship Store (Seoul)

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Mon to Fri. 11:00 - 20:00 

Break time. 13:00 - 14:00
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Weekend. 13:00 - 20:00

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